National Government establishes an alliance with the Venezuelan Chamber of Metallurgy

In a meeting with businessmen, entrepreneurs, and traders of the state of Barinas, the People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jose Biomorgi, announced this Wednesday the establishment of an alliance with the Metallurgical Chamber of Venezuela for the activation of all the transforming companies of the country.

“We are making an enormous effort from the Ministry of Industries […] to chain all the productive processes, reinforcing the metallurgical company. We already recovered SIDOR, and all the basic companies have started,” said the Minister during the act together with the candidate of the Great Patriotic Pole to the Governorship of that entity, Jorge Arreaza.

Minister Biomorgi highlighted that the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) forecasts for next year that Venezuela will be the eighth country in Latin America with the highest economic growth. Therefore he invited the different sectors to continue participating in these spaces of healthy debate to serve as a platform to recognize the great effort made daily by Venezuelan businessmen to continue contributing to the national economy.

“Venezuela’s victory and growth are already undeniable, and this is a moment where we have a great opportunity to -respecting differences- debate. But always bearing in mind that what can never be in question is the collective welfare of the nation; that is always above any particular interest,” he added.

The Minister of Industries and National Production celebrated the realization of the meeting, which he catalogued as an extraordinary opportunity for debate with this relevant sector of the Plains entity.

“I see here a range of comrades from different productive, industrial and commercial sectors; all of them together, even though they come from different communities, pushing the truck towards the same destination and with the same objective: the common welfare of the Venezuelan family,” he added.

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