2021 was the year of the consolidation of political peace

Federal Legislative Palace, Caracas. – The year 2021 was the year of consolidation of political peace. Stated President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, at the beginning of his Annual Message to the Nation, together with the highest representatives of the Public Powers, the diplomatic corps accredited in Venezuela, the Bolivarian ministerial cabinet, mayors, and governors.

The President said that relevant achievements characterized this period. He also mentioned it was “a year of great awareness of the struggles we fought for our country, each one of us, from the space, from the territory, from the trench that corresponded to him.”

He indicated that the achievements consolidated because “each one, in the functions and responsibilities that corresponded to them,” made it possible. As “we said a year ago in front of this National Assembly, it was the year of consolidation of political peace, of consolidation of national dialogue, of consolidation of the internal stability of the country, of consolidation of the functioning of the public powers and institutions of Venezuela, beyond the difficulties.”

In this context, the Venezuelan Head of State stated that it was a year to exalt politics. “It was a great year to defeat the prolonged and permanent conspiracy that pretended has pretended and still pretends today a destabilizing duality of power.”

He ratified his accusation that the “duality of Power planned from the North aimed to destroy the functioning of democracy, its public powers, and its institutions from outside.”

“It was a plan from the North, executed and intended to be imposed from Colombia. The Colombian narco-oligarchy pretended during these years to impose a parallel president, a parallel National Assembly, a parallel moral power and a parallel prosecutor’s office, a parallel Supreme Court of Justice”, he enumerated.

However, President Maduro stressed: “Herewith the constitutional power, the year 2021 was the year of the definitive and overwhelming defeat of the parallel power plan to destroy the Venezuelan State from outside”.

Likewise, he referred that “complete disarticulation achievement was through different mechanisms. We were unraveling. We were putting things in their place. We were unraveling the parallel power plan. We unraveled everything intended from Colombia with the financing, the push, and the support of the U.S. Empire.”

Presidential Press

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