President Maduro: “I am determined to recover Venezuela’s industrial apparatus.”

At the plenary meeting of the Federal Council of Government held this Monday in Caracas, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, underscored his decision to fully recover the industrial apparatus in all the country’s states.

“I am determined, with a plan of a shared and mixed management model, to launch the integral recovery of 100% of the entire industrial and agro-industrial apparatus in all the states of the country”, said the head of state in the meeting with the governors and mayors of the main cities of Venezuela.

To this end, President Maduro instructed the regional governors to immediately join the National Council of Economy to establish an “eminent and exclusively economic” coordination to “see the flourishing of the national productive apparatus,” the capacities and economic potentialities of each of the country’s federal entities.

“(…) So that they become political, economic, and institutional actors in the country’s economic growth and recovery plans. And to advance in the recovery of the industry, of the agro-industry, of the lands,” he added.

The President informed that exploratory meetings already took place to advance towards this recovery and, in this way, stimulate economic growth.

“I want to see the map, state by state, so that we can make a correct and fair distribution of all the fronts of the economic battle, of recovery, under a new productive and efficient scheme. Let’s not be afraid of the rectification where we have made mistakes,” he emphasized.

The neoliberal privatization scheme will not return

During the plenary, the Head of State assured that Guyana’s Basic enterprises have raised their productivity level by the efficient hand of the workers and sustain an economy from that region to the south of the country, despite the campaigns through social networks to discredit the working class.

“Despite the campaigns in the social networks to misrepresent the basic companies of Guayana and try to position privatizing opinion matrixes that will never return to Venezuela; neoliberal, privatizing matrixes, will never return to Venezuela,” he sentenced.

Among other authorities, the People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jose Biomorgi, was present at the Federal Council of Government’s meeting.

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