The real economy has taken the path of growth in Venezuela

“The economy with its strength, the real economy, has taken the path of economic growth,” asserted the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, in an interview granted to writer Ignacio Ramonet.

“This is great news!” exclaimed the Head of State while enumerating the achievements that Venezuela made in economic matters in 2021 by reactivating the national market, together with a valuable reactivation of domestic trade.

“The greatest achievement has been the defense of our economic model, Venezuela is relaunching its economy, promoting growth with opportunities for all and thinking of the most vulnerable,” he said, stating that “2021 has been the best year (in the fight against) the economic war”.

Among the challenges, he considered it necessary to “continue being very attentive to the development of the economy, to continue providing facilities internal productive forces continue to be released and, to continue controlling all inflationary processes.” He explained that is because “we are closing the year with good news from the inflationary point of view.”

The National Dignitary also pointed out that the dialogue mechanisms with all the country’s private sector reactivated in 2021. It resulted in: “today, we have a close relationship with all the medium, small and large, national and international sectors. We have a permanent dialogue in the National Council of Productive Economy.”

Also, “the oil production and the production of the country’s refineries, the petrochemical complex, and the upgrading complexes were gradually recovered,” as well as “the tariff policy is being recovered, which is very important as a mechanism to defend and promote and defend the national production. (…) First Venezuela, first what is ours, to protect the national industry, to protect national producers”.

With Ramonet, President Maduro also reviewed that in 2021, implemented the new monetary expression with the elimination of six zeros to the Bolivar” and we strengthened from the psychological point of view the management of the bolivar in a general framework of improvement of the economy.”

The Venezuelan head of State argued that as a result of this set of measures, “in a systematic, sustained and coherent manner, the Venezuelan economy at this moment is in a clear period of recovery.”

“We have recovered economic growth, and in the second half of 2021, we are having an economic growth of 7.5 percent,” ratified the Venezuelan President.

Presidential Press

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