The 7+7 method allowed us to maintain the economic and social growth of the country

Federal Legislative Palace, Caracas. – “Venezuela created a Creole method which is the 7+7. We have been perfecting it, and it has allowed us to combine semi-quarantine with semi flexibility to activate the economy and social life of Venezuelans. It has always given good results,” said Nicolas Maduro Moros, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, during his Annual Message to the Nation.

From the Federal Legislative Palace, the Venezuelan Head of State highlighted that this method, together with preventive family medicine, has allowed “looking for cases in house-to-house visits, carrying out our methods in a pandemic that does not cease in the world.”

In this sense, he pointed out that there are places in the world “that believe that the pandemic is over. It is a lie what they say (…) That is a lie. The pandemic is alive and kicking in the world and affecting millions of people. It is necessary to see how the pandemic hits Europe, the United States, Brazil, and other countries”.

In context, he asserted that Venezuela started with great effort the purchase of vaccines to protect the Venezuelan population and, at the same time, he thanked the brotherly countries of the world. “Without their cooperation and solidarity support, it would have been impossible to bring the vaccines and immunize the people.”

In this regard, he informed that Venezuela reached 95 percent of the adult population immunized against COVID-19, “thanks to Russia, China, Cuba and our brothers of the world, Venezuela got its vaccines.”

Likewise, he highlighted that the vaccination of children over two years of age began in the last days, which has allowed the resumption of classes in different levels of education in the country.

He urged parents and representatives to vaccinate their children “because we do not know what will happen with these variants that arise in the world, and it is important to protect them.”

He reminded that the immunization scheme promoted by the Venezuelan Government allows parents to have access to 12 biological vaccines free of charge for the immunological protection of the country’s children.

“Go with full confidence to vaccinate the children, to maintain the presential classes. We must reach 100 percent vaccination of children over two years old because we do not know what is going to happen with this pandemic,” Maduro expressed.

Presidential Press

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