CPTT is to be incorporated into the administration and planning levels of the companies

“The Government has to get its act together, Vice-President Tareck El Aissami, the Ministers have to get their act together, so that the management model incorporates, with a definitive voice, at the levels of administration and planning, in all the companies, the CPTTs of the country.”

These words correspond to the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro when approving the proposal presented by the working class during the 3rd National Meeting of the Workers’ Productive Councils (CPTT), held in the capital city.

The President instructed the Minister of the People’s Power for the Office of the Presidency and Follow-up of Government Management, Jorge Marquez, in the context of the 1×10 system of good governance, to incorporate a communication instance dedicated to receiving complaints and proposals emanating from the working class.

President Maduro instructed Gabriela Jimenez, Minister of Science and Technology, to coordinate with the CPTTs throughout the country. He instructed her to apply reverse engineering in parts and pieces production and to promote the imports substitution.

On the other hand, the President explained that the State has three banks (Banco de Venezuela, Banco Bicentenario, and Banco del Tesoro) which are the lungs to give oxygen to all the CPTTs in the country.

In such a sense, Maduro ordered the Minister of People’s Power for Industries and National Production, José Gregorio Biomorgi, to hold a meeting between the public banks and the national management of the CPTTs, to present a different financing plan: “Because the banks have the mechanisms and resources to support them (the CPTTs).”

“It cannot be that the CPTTs, giving birth, knock on a door and they close it, knock on another door, and they close it, that is called indolence, and we have to put an end to it. More damage is done to the Revolution by the indolence of some people than by imperialism itself”, said the President, adding that “we have to change everything, the R to revolutionize, change the indolent institutions, the indolent officials and build new answers for the working class and the people.”

In addition, the Head of State urged the articulation between the Government and the working class to process the production reports through a statistical system developed in the Homeland Platform to have control and respond to the country’s needs.

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