The Human Rights System intends to be a measure to substitute governments

Miraflores Palace, Caracas. – The International Human Rights System intends to be a measure “to substitute governments not aligned to the hegemonic interests of the West,” denounced this Monday the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro.

During his speech at the 49th session of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations (UN), he rejected the attempt to impose “formulas of judicial colonialism” against the countries of the South through the substitution of national systems by “interventionist, colonialist and foreign mechanisms.”

He emphasized that this illegal maneuver contradicts the principles of sovereignty, self-determination, and complementarity.

Resource seizure

On the other hand, the Head of State denounced the seizure of financial resources by the Bank of England and Novo Banco, which hold 31 tons of gold and 1 billion dollars, respectively.

He exposed that City Bank illegally transferred 342 million dollars to a US Treasury account from the Venezuelan Central Bank (BCV).

“These three financial institutions deny us the right to use resources to buy vaccines, medicines, food, and supplies in general for the fight against COVID-19, and to guarantee the rights to health and life of the Venezuelan people”, he pointed out.

In this sense, he asserted that the resources are to “pay for the operations of the international criminal organization that, based on a fiction of recognition of a non-existent government, executes plans against our country.”

In a similar action to the one undertaken by the international banks, he pointed out that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) refuses to deliver to Venezuela 5,000 million dollars in special drawing rights “that correspond to us by right to fight against the pandemic.”

This maneuver adds to the consequences derived from the unilateral coercive measures against Venezuela, which “have deprived our country of 99% of its foreign currency income of exports and, at least, 30,000 million in liquid assets abroad”.

Presidential Press

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