Minister Biomorgi inspects the Venvidrio plant in Monagas to outline a reactivation plan

The People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jose Biomorgi, inspected Wednesday at the “Venezolana del Vidrio” (Venvidrio) plant located in Maturin Industrial Zone, Monagas state, to verify the operating conditions of this strategic company for the development of the country.

The inspection included a tour of the processing areas, “since the raw material enters until the finished product comes out,” said the head of the industrial portfolio, accompanied by the governor of the state, Ernesto Luna, and the president of the Socialist Corporation of the Glass and Containers Sector (Corsovenca), Ernesto Ruiz.

“The workers of this company managed to maintain the integrity of all its infrastructure, equipment, and spaces. Now we will design a plan for the start-up and recovery of this plant. This plan is important for the state of Monagas, for the country and all Latin America,” highlighted Minister Biomorgi in statements to the press.

The head of the national production office recalled the structural damage suffered by the Venezuelan industrial apparatus due to the systematic attack on the national economy and the electrical sabotage perpetrated in 2019.

“However, we have been recovering the electricity supply capacity and, in parallel, our production capacity; and we will continue to do so to the extent that the State and the economy are recovering, all articulated as a State,” he asserted.

And specifically, Minister Biomorgi highlighted the implementation of an extraordinary plan involving the 18 productive engines of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, created by President Nicolás Maduro to promote the country’s development.

The reactivation of this plant represents a strategic step to dynamize the productive apparatus in the entity.

“Monagas will become the epicenter of not only agricultural but also industrial development, and this plant will serve for that process,” stated Governor Ernesto Luna.

The company has a production capacity of 480 tons per day.

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