Ministry of Industries and National Production presents projects to UNIDO in Vienna

A technical delegation from the People’s Power Ministry of Industries and National Production began a visit to the city of Vienna, Austria, on Monday, with the mission of presenting the projects that represent the new lines of cooperation between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

The Venezuelan representation has held various meetings with specialists of the United Nations specialized agency that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction and environmental sustainability.

The work agenda included meetings with the division for Latin America, the SDG9 Platform, the Department of Digitalization, and UNIDO’s Industrial Policy Research and Advisory Division.

The projects of the Venezuelan delegation have taken to Vienna refer to the preparation of the National Plan for Industrial Development and Modernization. In addition to the creation of the Institute of Industrial Technology.

On February 7, the Minister of People’s Power for Industries and National Production, José Gregorio Biomorgi, held a meeting with the UNIDO team in Venezuela to review the overall advisory program to formulate national industrialization plans.

Agro-industrial development

In January of this year, UNIDO held a meeting with the “Industrial Updating, and Modernization Program in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela” of the Technical-Consultative Committee. This meeting reported on the progress of this program and the projects to implement as of 2022.

The UNIDO-Venezuela Country Program coordinator, Franco Silva, explained at the meeting that the industrial upgrading and modernization program in the South American nation would support the industrial development of the value chains of corn, rice, sugarcane, soybeans, and legumes. The program would take action through a portfolio of Pilot Projects that seek to improve the production of agricultural inputs, seed processing, the application of technology, and best agricultural practices in primary production, among other initiatives.

Based on the 2018-2024 Country Program, the international organization has been developing technical cooperation activities in Venezuela in the agricultural and agro-industrial areas.

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