The national government presents advances and plans for the automotive sector

Within the framework of the third anniversary of the Great Venezuelan Transport Mission, the Bolivarian government led by President Nicolas Maduro presented on Thursday the advances and plans of the automotive sector in alliance with the national industry. From Fort Tiuna, Caracas, the head of State informed the manufacture of two models of 26 and 32-passenger collective transport vehicles will begin soon. These should cover suburban and short interurban routes such as Maracay-Valencia, Caracas-Valencia, or long suburban routes.

“We have to recover the public transportation units, and we have to produce new ones in alliances with the Venezuelan private sector […]. We have had to resist hard, but the best way to resist is by producing and creating solutions in each sector of the economy, in this case in the automotive industry, in the sector of parts and pieces of vehicles in general, and of public transportation”, highlighted the President.

During the presidential activity, broadcast by Venezolana de Television, the People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jose Gregorio Biomorgi, presented the model of a utility bus. The Minister’s office promotes the manufacture of this bus. These 17-seat units will mainly serve rural areas.

“It is a very light unit that can circulate in areas of difficult access,” said Minister Biomorgi.

The best way to resist is to produce

In the Los Guayos municipality of Carabobo state, the state-owned company Oci-Metalmecanica has its headquarters, which has a chassis production line for public transport units for peripheral areas.

The Vice-Minister of Small and Medium Industry and New Productive Forms, Diana Castillo, explained on television that the factory will manufacture the chassis that will serve as the basis for the production of 50 vehicles per month: “which will allow guaranteeing the transportation of rural areas in our towns.”

Likewise, the Vice-Minister of Land Transportation, Claudio Farias, pointed out that “in alliance with the Ministry of Industry, we will make the chassis to produce vehicles that circulate in peripheral and difficult to access areas.”

He emphasized that “we are making all this effort as a single government to activate the automotive sector and guarantee our people optimal transportation units.” In the ceremony for the third anniversary of the Great Transport Mission Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro highlighted the importance of the reactivation of the automotive industry with national technology and celebrated the articulation of the industrial and transport sectors.

“We are a people of heroic resistance. We cannot become elite and ignore the needs of ordinary people. We must continue thinking with our own head, walking with our own legs, and building with our own hands because to produce is to win,” concluded the Bolivarian leader.

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