Minister Biomorgi expressed: Organized working class drives the industrial recovery of the country

This Tuesday, Jose Gregorio Biomorgi, People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, mentioned the Productive Councils of Workers (CPTT) organization. He expressed that it has allowed the generation of spaces for debate for the structural solution of the problems in the companies four years after their creation.

Interviewed in the program “Al Instante” hosted by journalist Esther Quiaro in the Unión Radio circuit, the Minister emphasized the channeling of the country’s industrial recovery with the effort of the organized working class.

“The CPTTs organize according to the production processes that the industry has,” he highlighted. Although he considered that these instances should not only be involved in the production processes but also “take control of the administrative processes, of the commercialization; take real control of the company to have the power.”

President Nicolas Maduro instructed this Monday, during the closing ceremony of the 3rd National Meeting of the CPTTs, that the new management model “should incorporate, with a definitive voice, at the administration and planning levels, in all the companies, the CPTTs of the country.”

For Minister Biomorgi, there is a new conception of work in the Venezuelan working class. This conception has given impulse to the productive processes, production, and the substitution of imports.

In this sense, he mentioned some achievements in the national industry in different sectors. In the cement industry, specifically in the Corporación Socialista del Cemento, 100% of the previously imported Venezuelan gypsum, previously imported, is currently used.

“The fact that the U.S. administration blocked us, and limited our access to the inputs we need, made us develop capacities that we had been sleeping,” he added.

Minister Biomorgi said that magnesite, the mineral obtained from refractories for the production of aluminum and steel, is being extracted from the state of Nueva Esparta.

“We are substituting 100% of the coke in our steel industries, and we are going for 50% in aluminum, which is another of the achievements we have been consolidating”, he added up.

In the plastic and glass sectors, the head of the industrial office also highlighted the progress made by the Corporación Venezolana del Plástico (Coveplast) and Venezolana del Vidrio (Venvidrio), respectively.

Diversification of the economy

In other topics, Minister Biomorgi referred to the economic diversification process in Venezuela. Within this framework, the national government has shown its willingness to establish alliances with all the country sectors.

“We are open to any economic recovery with alliances, mixed, with all sectors […] without compromising the assets of the State, specific alliances for certain technologies that allow us to advance faster,” he clarified.

Minister Biomorgi attended last Saturday the installation of the 3rd National Meeting of the CPTTs, which took place on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of the enactment of the Constitutional Law of the Workers’ Productive Councils.

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