President Maduro: All companies must be productive

Through a review of the socialist management model, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, emphasized that “all companies (in the country) must be productive.”

During his speech at the 3rd National Meeting of the Productive Councils of Workers (CPTT), he stated that those companies that show negative numbers should review why.

“Because of access to raw material, review and solve it, because of bad administration, because of corruption, let’s get into combat with bayonets and cut off the heads of the corrupt, wherever they are, whatever their name is,” ordered the Venezuelan Head of State.

On the other hand, he instructed the Minister of Food, Carlos Leal Tellería, and the Minister of Productive Agriculture, Wilmar Castro Soteldo, to exercise the capacities and legal instruments available to the Venezuelan State. “The Venezuelan coffee should not be smuggled to Colombia or the Caribbean,” instructed the President. Our coffee “production stays in Venezuelan soil, and its exportation should be in a legal and organized manner.”                                 

“Take action on the matter, Minister Leal Tellería. Inform today, immediately, the Vice President of Economy, Tareck El Aisami; the Minister of Agriculture, Wilmar Castro Soteldo and in 72 hours organize me a perfect plan to avoid the escape of production”, requested President Nicolas Maduro.

Presidential Press

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