President Maduro calls for an increase in production for self-sufficiency and exports

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro Moros, called on Wednesday for a national increase in production. Not only to meet the demands of the Venezuelan people under a self-sufficiency scheme but also for exports.

“Produce for self-sufficiency and produce to export,” emphasized the President during the inauguration of the Expoferia Caprina – Ovina Miranda 2022, an event that will serve as a showcase for more than 60 producers from all regions of Venezuela and more than 50 exhibitors to offer gastronomic and innovative products to the community in general.

The President affirmed that with the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, the 18 productive engines, and international alliances;

 Venezuela would achieve these two fundamental objectives.

“The blockade hit our economy hard, but [….] accelerated the process of overcoming the oil rentier economy and made a new diversified economy begin to emerge. Not dependent on oil income, a new economy with virtuous cycles to produce food, goods, services, energy, with our effort,” he added.

Wheat is guaranteed

On the other hand, after establishing a television contact with the private company Molinos Carabobo S.A. (Mocasa), the chief of state, Mr. Carabobo, said that wheat is guaranteed. (Mocasa), the Head of State will ensure the wheat supply and derivatives of this cereal required by Venezuela for food production.

Mocasa dedicates to the production and distribution of raw materials derived from wheat, adapting its operations to scientific advances.

Tania Rios, Vice-Minister of Intermediate and Light Industries, presented from its headquarters in Valencia, the progress and achievements of the company, despite the blockade imposed on the country.

In this regard, she indicated that Mocasa currently has an operating capacity of 47,750 tons per month, “which means that this company is at 80% of its production”.

Likewise, the Vice-Minister indicated that this industry processes 75% of its production in wheat flour, and 25% is destined for Animal Balanced Feed (ABA). According to President Nicolas Maduro, it must be included in a national plan and be part of the nine vertices of the Great Mission Agro-Venezuela.

Mocasa’s workers and managers expressed their willingness to increase productivity and thus contribute to the country’s economic recovery and development.

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