Venezolana del Vidrio reactivates the line of containers for the pharmaceutical sector

As part of the Productive Wednesday, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro Moros, announced the reactivation of the line of containers for the pharmacy sector of the Valera Plant, Trujillo, of the company Venezolana del Vidrio (Venvidrio).

During the presidential broadcast, Venezolana del Vidrio informed the reactivation of furnace A of the plant located in Trujillo State, for the manufacture of bottles for the health sector, providing more than 240 thousand containers for the Homeland and countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – Peoples’ Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP).

In this regard, through a television broadcast from the factory, the representative of Venvidrio’s working class, Yelitza Moreno, pointed out that the Workers’ Productive Councils (CPTT) have assumed the vanguard in the production and defense of the company.

Likewise, worker David Troconis emphasized that they have managed to defeat the Unilateral Coercive Measures. “We are here fighting, standing up for production. Here is our plant for the country. We won’t stop because there is no empire that can stop us”.

In around 90 days, Venvidrio’s Valera Plant will activate a second production line.

Approval of resources for the sector

President Nicolás Maduro approved resources for the investment and elaboration of Soda Ash to increase the production and replace the import of this additive in the manufacture of glass.

“They have my full support for the necessary investments. The Presidential Scientific Council will stand by the workers’ side to seek the technological solution,” said President Maduro.

Finally, the head of state urged the working class to recover all the furnaces of the Glass Corporation so that they could manufacture and export this transforming material.

Press MPPIPN-Venvidrio

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