Clorox: A great example of tenacity and workers’ resistance after seven years of employers’ abandonment

Seven years have passed since the U.S. multinational cleaning products company Clorox announced its exit from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, leaving hundreds of workers adrift.

Currently, the working class of this company -reactivated with the full support of the Bolivarian Government- stands as an example of tenacity and resistance by maintaining productivity in its facilities.

In September 2014, the national Executive ordered the occupation and subsequent reactivation of Clorox plants in Venezuela after the withdrawal from the country of the multinational that then consummated an unusual massive telephone layoff.

“Seven years ago, the U.S. owners of Clorox untimely abandoned the country, personnel, and facilities. The workers took over the company with the support of President Nicolas Maduro. Nothing could stop them. Today it is a very productive company,” emphasized the People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jorge Arreaza, at the time of the reactivation of the company was the Executive Vice-President of the Republic.

Untimely and informal dismissal

Early on a Monday morning of September 22, 2014, the Clorox workers received a text message that invited them to participate in a phone call.

“Clorox Venezuela has become an unviable business. As a result, we are to discontinue our operations. This means that your employment relationship with the company immediately terminates,” announced Oscar Ledezma, manager of the company in the country.

Today the company has 278 workers who maintain the production at Clorox despite the consequences of the blockade imposed on the country.

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