The National Executive will guide Carbozulia’s investment and production recovery plans

This Friday, the People’s Power Minister of Industries and National Production, Jorge Arreaza, informed that the Bolivarian Government would review and guide the investment plans and complete recovery of the production of the state-owned company Carbones del Zulia, S.A. (Carbozulia).

He announced the measure after a visit by the Minister to the mines and facilities of the Maracaibo-based company.

The technical inspection, accompanied by the head of the People’s Power Ministry of Ecological Mining Development, William Serantes, made it possible to verify all of Carbozulia’s production processes.

“It is an important company for the State and Venezuela. There is a recovery of many processes. The mine is active. There is an investment plan that we are guiding and reorienting with the management and the Workers’ Productive Council,” declared Minister Arreaza to the media.

In addition, the authorities of the Bolivarian Government listened to the proposals of the working class, a fundamental pillar for the productive development of the nation.

“It was an important experience from the point of view of the productive processes,” added Minister Arreaza.

Carbozulia is a state-owned company assigned to the People’s Power Ministry of Industries and National Production. This instance will progress towards ecological-socialist management in conjunction with the workers organized in the Productive Councils and with the communities of the entity.

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