The Industries Cabinet consolidates work ties with the national brewery sector

This Tuesday, following instructions from President Nicolas Maduro, the authorities from the People’s Power Ministry of Industries and National Production, orchestrated by its head Jorge Arreaza, and from the People’s Power Ministry of Economy, Finance and Foreign Trade held a productive meeting with representatives of the craft brewery sector operating in the country.

The meeting, gathered representatives of consolidated companies and entrepreneurs at the International Center for Productive Investment, served as a platform to tune the necessary strategies to guarantee direct purchases of bottles by the manufacturer, without intermediaries.

Henry Jiménez, president of Venezolana del Vidrio (Venvidrio), a company recovered by the Venezuelan government and dedicated to manufacturing the containers for this inorganic material, was present as a promoter of the productive sector.

For its part, the ministerial representation was formed by Diana Castillo, Vice-Minister of Small and Medium Industry and New Productive Forms; José Biomorgi, Vice-Minister of Industrial Development; and also, Ricardo Sánchez, Vice-Minister of Productive Economy.

In recent days, President Nicolas Maduro led a Productive Wednesday dedicated to national entrepreneurship, during which Banco de Venezuela granted five loans to craft beer producers.

Through these and other actions, the path to the consolidation of the country’s industrial and productive motor is built, thereby complying with the Plan of the Homeland 2019-2025 designed to strengthen the Venezuelan economic sector, thus combating the economic, financial, and commercial blockade imposed on Venezuela since 2015.

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